How to decorate outdoor rooms beautifully

December 15, 2018 3 min read

How to decorate outdoor rooms beautifully

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a room is still a room. Decorating one or the other follows the same interior design principles and for many, this makes the task of decorating outdoor rooms much less daunting.

Indoor-outdoor flow is an important aspect of our lifestyles these days. It’s wise to consider visual continuity between the two zones, keeping your choice of furniture styles, colour schemes, textures and finishing touches referencing the look and feel of your interior décor in some way. Or your exterior décor if you’re wishing to make a change.

Consider the fundamentals

Think: outdoor floors, floor plans, walls, ceilings and finishing touches and you can’t go wrong. Before you dash out and buy furniture though make sure there’s enough floor space for the concept you have in mind. ‘Walls’ can include screens or planting that define and shelter your space. The ‘ceiling’ encompasses the protection you’ll need above your outdoor area. Whether that’s a pergola, large umbrella, shade sails or an awning, make sure the concept suits your personal needs, and if you’re not keen on glare or squinting, choose dark colours for umbrellas or shades – the effect is more relaxing.  

Then comes the accent pieces, or finishing touches. Again, selection here follows the same principles as for interior schemes. Remember, outdoor finishing touches need to be ‘fit for purpose’ and robust enough to survive the elements.

Although outdoor furniture and furnishings are designed to take what nature throws at it – within reason – it’s wise to look after it. Going away for several weeks? Bring squabs, cushions and anything small enough to carry easily, inside.    

Outdoor cushions

There’s almost nothing more vital and impactful in a scheme than cushions. For small décor items, they sure pack an amazing punch. We’re seeing cushions so gorgeous they’re priced in three figures but when we think of them as artwork for our lounge suites that people see the second they walk into a room, that gives a whole different perspective.    

Choosing cushions in similar fabrics, designs or colours makes it easy to link outdoor spaces with indoor schemes and outdoor cushions you can buy these days have come such a long way. No longer the bright, cliched, summer-motif designs in coarse fabric, they come in soft, sophisticated textures exquisite enough for interior spaces too. Outdoor cushion inners made in the latest fabric technology feel as soft as feathers, just perfect for lazing outdoors on a gorgeous afternoon and they’re completely waterproof too. 

Outdoor rugs that look fantastic inside too

Outdoor rugs have come a long way as well and we have an exciting selection in our Retail Showroom so soft and luxurious you’d swear they were made exclusively for interior use. Created with the environment in mind, they’re formed from recycled plastic – yes, plastic – and are extremely robust.

We have other stunning outdoor rugs to give any space the wow factor, in lush, tropical motifs and sophisticated stripes. Again, they’re so gorgeous you’ll be tempted to bring them inside too. Made from polypropylene, they’re extremely robust and just the thing under dining tables and rumpus rooms.

And just a few summer trends to inspire:  

  • Green in varying shades is still big news, with the environment a big concern for many. If you like your colour bold, go playful and use block colour too
  • Natural tones and textures such as linens are prominent in a respectful nod to nature. Think beige, browns, greys, rich reds and earthy tones plus perfect partners blue and green
  • Heard of Japandi? Or Japanordic? It’s the new spin on minimalism blending Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics identified by clean, calming lines, organic shapes and natural textures
  • Not into minimalism? Maximalists rejoice – it’s back!

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