How To Choose The Perfect Curtains

October 20, 2021 3 min read

How To Choose The Perfect Curtains

You will have heard the saying that “curtains make a room”.

Curtains are how you tie the room together and a bad choice can impact the whole feel. Choosing the wrong colour, pattern, texture or length can be detrimental for a room.

So, how do you make sure you incorporate these important features?

You seek the advice and expertise of a professional. Amazing Interiors have specialised in curtains, enhancing homes and window treatments for over 18 years.

Let us share a little of our expertise with you and explain the process of getting the right window fittings at your place.


How To Choose The Perfect Curtains

Know Your Style

Any curtains you choose should match the existing decor in your room. So, if you have ultra modern furniture, old fashioned curtains will look out of place.

You can choose to make a statement with your curtains, or go for a more neutral look that will work with a wide range of decor styles. Colour can make a huge statement. You can either match the tones of the room or go for a contrast.

If you choose to get your window fittings created by our team, then our designers will be able to go through all of the options with you. They will also be able to make suggestions and recommendations of what will work best in your space.


Fabric Choice

Not all curtains are created equally. So, you want to choose the right fabric for your space. We don’t just mean the colour and pattern that will match best with your decor, but the fabric itself.

The material will play a huge part in how the curtains function. If it is too heavy, then they will not draw back from the windows well. But, if the fabric is too light, sun may shine through and they might not fall as you would want them to.

You also need to consider the fact that colours can fade when exposed to sunlight. So, if you have a room with a lot of sun, try to make sure the fabric you choose will withstand the duration of time.

Some fabrics are also good at protecting against the elements. Denser fabrics help to block out the light and the cold. But, even if you choose a lighter fabric, it can still be lined with a black out liner. Here at Amazing Interiors, we will always recommend fabrics that are designed to last.



The length and width of your curtains are very important considerations. You want to make sure they hang nicely and have considered that the fabric and lining can shrink due to change in temperature and humidity. 

We always add grandeur to the room by having a drop that sits beautifully on the floor, even with a mid-height window. Raising the curtain rail is another trick that we love, creating height and drama into the room.

Our designers will be able to advise how best to enhance your individual space.


The Curtain Process

At Amazing Interiors, we always aim to give you exactly what you want when it comes to curtains. So, we follow a specific process to achieve that every time.

Firstly, we will have a consultation to discuss what you need. During that meeting, you will have access to our extensive fabric library. We can bring brochures, catalogues and swatches to you also.

We will advise you on the fabrics that will work the best for your space and provide the best investment. You will also have the option to choose accessories and automated window options.

Then, measurements will be taken and a quote prepared. Once the quote is accepted, our fabricator will come and remeasure your space to double check we have the exact measurements required to create the perfect curtains.

Finally, we ensure that the window treatments are fitted professionally so that the job is completed in the best possible way and you are left with a result you can be proud of.


So, why not come down to our Picton Street retail showroom to see the wonderful range of curtain fabric we have available? Have a chat with one of our design team and take your first step towards having perfect curtains at your place!


Along with winning the 2020 - 2021 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Amazing Interiors are proud to be placed in the Top 11 Best Window Treatments Auckland Specialists list for 2021.