How To Decorate Your Home For The Christmas Season

December 12, 2022 3 min read

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How To Decorate Your Home For The Christmas Season


Traditions are part of what makes Christmas special. But sometimes you want to do something a little different from using a classic colour scheme or decorating the same way year after year.

That’s totally understandable.

And, there are plenty of unique ideas for how you can decorate your home this Christmas season.

If you're looking to refresh your Christmas decoration ideas, allow us to inspire you to make your own rules and start some fun new decorating traditions of your own.

Here are some of our favourite ideas: from traditional to subtly elegant to unique and offbeat.


How To Decorate Your Home For The Christmas Season

Tree: Traditional, Unique, Or Not-quite-a-tree!

What would Christmas decorations be without the tree? You might be committed to having a real tree every festive season, or bringing your old faithful artificial tree out of storage for its annual showing. Either way, it’s really less about the tree – and more about the decoration.

Some people choose a set colour theme of tonally matching baubles and tinsel, or a different style of decoration each year (one year seashells, the next icicles and snow). Some people use the same favourite family heirloom decorations year after year, some people let the kids create a haphazardly decorated tree while others still are particular about precise decoration and light placement. The cool thing about Christmas decorating is that anything goes - whatever suits you!

But what about something different entirely? If you’re going away to the bach, camping, living in a small space or just not that committed to having a more traditional tree, how about a different kind of Christmas decoration centrepiece?

A makeshift “tree” can be created out of anything from fairy lights pinned up in a tree shape to artfully stacked books (again, in a tree shape) to carefully strung up or stacked up driftwood (you guessed it – in a tree shape!). Let your imagination go wherever it wants to create your not-quite-a-tree.


Fake A Mantel

Don’t have a traditional fireplace mantel for decorating and hanging stockings? Create your own using space on a sideboard, shelf or even staircase. Dress it up with candles, Christmas decorations and some holiday sparkle. Use paperweights, weighty vases or bookends to “pin” your stockings in place if you don’t want to add hooks.


Extra Special Table Settings

Christmas is a time for your table dressing skills  to really shine. It’s an opportunity for your best dinnerware and glassware to be used, and for you to bring a sense of occasion to your dining table.

Consider personalising each place setting to make Christmas lunch extra special for your guests. Individual tea lights, a Christmas chocolate or candy cane, or even a mini gift at each place are fun ideas. Remember the personalised place cards too!


Put A Wreath On It

A Christmas wreath on your front door is a great opportunity to bring festive cheer to your neighbourhood and show your decorating talents off. Instead of putting up an artificial pre-decorated one, consider a plain artificial one you can decorate in a different style each year – or make one from florist wire and fresh greenery.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to pine branches! Choose any greenery that feels festive to you. 

In addition to the front door wreath, in many cultures around the world, it’s also common practice to set out an advent wreath from the first Sunday of the advent period. These table decorations usually consist of a wreath with four candles, one to light on each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Just like a front door wreath, either go artificial or choose any greenery you like and decorate it to your heart’s content!


Light It Up

Christmas lights are a fantastic way to illuminate your home and garden with an explosion of festivity in the lead-up to Christmas. While you don’t have to buy miles of fairy lights and blinking LED decorations in the shape of Santa and Rudolf, a little twinkle can go a long way to adding some Christmas festivity to your home.

Consider some elegant hurricane lamps or lanterns at your gate or some seed lights woven into your front door wreath for a subtly elegant take on outdoor Christmas lighting.


At Amazing Interiors, we love Christmas! If you’re looking to put an elegant spin on your decorating this festive season, browse our online store or visit us at our Howick shop and speak to our decorating pro staff for advice and ideas.