Why Staging and Function Are Critical to Furniture Placement

April 27, 2022 3 min read

Why Staging and Function Are Critical to Furniture Placement

A well designed room does not simply happen by accident.

When arranging furniture, there are many things to consider – from scale, balance and function, to traffic, patterns and the size of the furniture pieces. 

As a homeowner, getting all these concepts right can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself standing in the middle of the room wondering where to start.

Was this not meant to be the fun part?

The part where you put all of your design choices into one place and created the “wow factor”?

If correct design practices are not followed then your room will be less “wow” and more of a disaster.

But don’t worry, there is hope! After years of working in people’s homes and catering to different tastes, we can relieve some of the stress involved in furniture placement.


Why Staging and Function Are Critical to Furniture Placement

Our Approach

As designers we are taught to take everything into consideration in the design process. In particular, we look at how you will use a room and how the items must be situated to allow you to use it easily. We apply an ‘ergonomic’ way of thinking. That basically means we aim to optimise the space to increase comfort and facilitate happier living.

The great news is that you may already have all the pieces to the puzzle with the furniture and décor you already own. It might just be how those pieces go together that is holding you back.

Luckily, Amazing Interiors can both provide the puzzle pieces (in the way of furniture and décor recommendations) or, we can simply put the pieces together in a cohesive way. With this approach, you can be sure that every recommendation we make, even down to where the rug should be placed, is consciously made for your enjoyment.


Tricks of the Trade

One of the most important criteria for furniture placement is allowing for flow. We are able to assist in mapping out your traffic routes. That means you and your guests should be able to move from one end of the room to the other without difficulty.

This may seem self explanatory, however finding balance can prove to be harder than you thought it would be! Whether you are into symmetric design or not, balance is important in any space. This may be reflected not only through our choice in furniture placement, but also in paint colours, fixtures and fittings.


For Future Reference

Acquiring knowledge from one of our designers with extensive experience in staging and function will be immensely helpful for future projects.

Learning the tried and true tricks for furniture placement helps you to move around your furniture and décor with ease, knowing you will maintain flow and function. You can be conscious in your decisions and not simply line everything up around the walls of your home.

Your home is not going to stay exactly the same for the next 20 years and we wouldn’t expect it to. Your spaces will be changing as you renovate, outgrown or retire items and alter the look. With the planning principles explained to you by an expert, you will have the confidence to recognise the exact location of where your favourite furniture should be placed.


As a designer, the most gratifying thing is creating solutions for our clients. We love being able to highlight your cherished items while utilising them in a way that you receive the utmost benefit from them. Whether it be one room or your entire home, we are here to alleviate some of the stress involved in your next project.

So, if you want to create a beautiful and functional home, give us a call here at Amazing Interiors. We have the design expertise to create a home you will love to live in with optimised furniture placement.