Creating Impact With Cushion Combinations

October 21, 2022 3 min read

Cushion Combinations

Cushions might seem to be a simple decor item, but they can create an immediate impact in your home. 

So, if they are such a great decorating tool, is it possible to have too many cushions?

It is. We hate to say it, but too many can overwhelm your room and become impractical. A sofa with so many cushions you can’t sit down on it or a bed that takes an hour to clear off every night will soon dull your enjoyment of your cushions!

But, chosen wisely, cushions are a fab way to lift a room and give it a new lease of life.

Let’s explore how you can create an impact with clever cushion combinations.


Creating Impact With Cushion Combinations

4 Ways To Combine Cushions For Maximum Effect


Cushions are a fab way of adding colour to a room without stretching your budget too far and without overpowering the room. Choose colours that complement the rest of the decor. You want to ensure the colours tone in with key elements like sofas and curtains. A cool way to tie the colours in a room together is to be inspired by a piece of artwork.

If the other elements are neutral - like white walls and plain sofas - then you can afford to be bold with your cushions.

Don’t be afraid of patterns either, especially if the rest of your space is quite neutral. Prints can be mixed and matched, but it’s a good idea to balance things out with solid colours as well.



When it comes to cushions, size matters. When choosing your cushions you want to aim for that perfect size that is big enough to have an impact but small enough to sit nicely on your sofa or chair. For sofas, you can layer two or three cushions together. Start big and get smaller as you go. 

For bed, you can afford to go bigger and layer them up as there is more space to work with. If you want to add cushions to your bed, consider starting with one or two big cushions up near the head of the bed, then add some smaller or lumber cushions at the front.

Remember that colour is still important here. Use tones that tie in with your bedding and curtains for great visual aesthetics.



You might think all cushions are square, but that’s simply not the case. Look around, and you’ll find square ones, rectangular ones, circles, bolster-shaped, even novelty cushions in the shape of animals or other items.

Like colour and size, you can mix and match when it comes to shape too. Bolsters work well on beds in front of one or two oversized square cushions, while a mix of squares and rectangles can look stylish on sofas. Round cushions add interest. But those novelty ones might be best left for a child’s bedroom!



Texture is an element that many people overlook when it comes to cushion combinations. But different textures can add a wonderfully tactile element to your room as well as looking great. Adding just one cushion of a more opulent material like leather or velvet can lift your whole combination.

And don’t forget details like braiding or tassels to add that little flair.


TopTips For Creating Extra Impact


Pristine cushions can make a room seem stiff. So choose inserts that are nice and soft as they will feel more welcoming. Don’t forget to give your cushions a plump up and a shake.

Top tip- giving your cushions a bit of a bend or using the side of your hand (in a karate chop action) to make an indent in the middle can make them look more lived in.


Don’t feel constrained by symmetry. Often you’ll see equal amounts of cushions placed on each side of a sofa or on a set of chairs. While matching sets can look nice, uneven amounts or placement can look more natural. Add one big cushion at one end of a sofa and two smaller ones at the other or leave a boldly patterned cushion on its own to draw the eye.

If you have a larger sofa, consider placing a few cushions in the middle rather than at each end for a different look.

Get An Expert Eye

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