Creating Beautiful Family Spaces

April 03, 2019 4 min read

Creating Beautiful Family Spaces

We know great things take planning and that certainly applies to decorating our homes. We suggest you start with one room at a time and pare it back to fundamentals. It’s helpful if you can formulate your decorating plan from a blank canvas, i.e. an empty room but if that’s not possible, strip the space back to basics in your mind and then start afresh.    

Best Furniture Placement for Successful Interiors

When rooms need attention, we’re often keen to make sweeping changes, straight away. We may have tired of a particular look or maybe we’re not feeling the love anymore and long for something fresh.  

It’s tempting to rush out and replace what we have, perhaps in a slightly different form or colour, in the name of change. Before committing to anything new though, especially large pieces such as sofas, stop and consider what’s currently going on in the room, particularly with furniture placement. More often than not the key to better functioning spaces lies right here.

Firstly, consider the room’s use. Is it for quiet time and relaxation or will lounging teens and big kids, use it as a media space? When its purpose is clear, arrange everything logically around the room’s focal point, whatever you’ve chosen that to be – a fireplace in winter, the view in summer, the big screen TV or an impressive wall-to-wall bookshelf. Ensure optimum flow too by removing potential obstacles.

These same concepts apply if you’re home staging a property as well. Once you’ve decided who your ideal purchaser might be, tailoring the décor schemes to this makes good sense. Alternatively, you might want to present a home to the widest possible audience, and your professional home stagers will know exactly how to achieve this.

Whether for home staging or for your own home, it’s natural to place pieces where it seems practical at the time, or how it’s always been but often this isn’t ideal for the space. Scale and proportion need to be well thought through too for harmonious design schemes. Place your larger pieces first, then arrange smaller items around these. Lastly, stand back and check that all the elements are balanced in size and their visual ‘weight’.   

When rooms hit that magical sweet spot and look and feel as they should, it’s amazing how much more enjoyable living within them becomes. It’s all about finding the right configuration – once you’ve found it, you’ll know it, and never have to rearrange again.     

Creative Storage Solutions

Storage is another fundamental for successful interiors and family living. Having enough of it really makes a difference. The luxury of space to store things efficiently and relegate possessions to their right and logical place means everyday life simply runs more smoothly.

Often the solution to more storage can literally be right in front of you. Firstly, focus on the storage you already have. If it’s not adequate don’t rush out and buy and bigger home. Try to cull some, or a lot of your unwanted possessions and then reorganise. You’ll probably be delighted with what you achieve.    

If storage options still elude you, maybe it’s time to get creative and consider how existing pieces can perform more than one function. For example, a large flat basket that slides under a coffee table adds texture to a scheme and can hold all manner of things. Ottomans become useful and beautiful if they have a detachable top and you can use them as storage.  

Sliding poufs under coffee tables work well too and decorative Moroccan metal drum side tables with lids are ideal for stowing books, magazines, throw rugs, children’s toys or whatever items you need nearby.  

Entertainment units may have had their day with smart TVs taking up position on the wall. Perhaps a redundant unit could be transformed with a repaint and some adjustments into an appealing open unit with woven baskets used for storage, or shelves for displaying your favourite art pieces? Upcycling makes so much sense, and it’s fun and satisfying.  

For storage in children’s bedrooms, the first place that offers potential is under the bed. If you’re in planning stages for a new home, why not combine the bed with a daybed concept and window seat, raising the bed on a platform and placing drawers and shelves underneath; perfect for a reading zone and making the most of the view.  

Family Friendly Decorating Tips

Thinking about interior design concepts for families, it’s wise to scale down expectations a little and decorate in ways that make life easier, at least for now. Your home might need to handle some rough and tumble with active playful kids in residence. It can definitely still be beautiful, yet with practicality in mind.    

If you’re immersed in family life and wanting to redecorate, thinking ‘less is best’ is helpful. Approach transformation with a touch of minimalism, or rather minimise possessions and household ‘things’ for an easier life. Clearing spaces and surfaces contributes a sense of calm, and who doesn’t want that in a family home?

Yes, you can have some stunning cushions in that gorgeous fabric you found but having fewer of them means there’s still plenty of space for the family. And go for feather inners if you can. They might cost a little more, but they last longer, and your cushions will always look superb. Velvet is having a great run. Made in clever techno-fibres these days, it’s more durable and easy-care so don’t shy away from it. Velvet always adds glamour, depth and interest to any scheme, and featuring on headboards in the bedroom, the look is dreamy and divine.      

Keep your outdoor rooms in mind too for a refresh. When outdoor rooms are well planned and appointed, they offer extra space for dining and living options all year round. The same interior decorating fundamentals apply here too. Perhaps swap out your summer-style cushions for lovely new winter versions in the latest warm, new-season tones. Consider outdoor rugs that are hardy but stylish in creating amazing outdoor spaces.     

A few final tips: eclectic is cool, scaling up rugs always works, and successful interiors usually have an element of surprise. Just something to think on!   

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