Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas And Summertime too

November 26, 2018 6 min read

Getting Your Home Ready For Christmas And Summertime too

Christmas is the pinnacle celebration of the year for many people. It brings together family and friends from all corners and having guests to stay goes with the festive territory. Gathering extended whanau in one location takes a little planning and can also be the catalyst you need to get your home looking beautiful for the occasion.  

We’ve put together some festive home makeover tips, guaranteed to have your home looking fresh and fabulous because we want you to experience maximum seasonal enjoyment not only on December 25 but in the lead up to Christmas as well. We believe Christmas success is all about being prepared and following a trusted game plan.  


Christmas is the time of year when we want everything looking the best it possibly can. Perhaps you’ve had a busy year though and haven’t achieved as much around the house as you intended, so as festive excitement builds our best advice is - stay calm.   

Before you rush out searching for fab new pieces and finishing touches with only two hours to find and buy them; stop and consider what you might already have at home. Chances are you’ll rediscover some interesting pieces that you know you love because you bought them years ago, but haven’t seen them in a while – artwork, objet d’art, discarded lamps, etc. With fresh eyes you just might fall in love with them over again. You’ll be upcycling too and that ticks several boxes right there.  

Actually, this ‘freshening up’ process is one of the first options our designers focus on when they carry out an interior design consultation. They’ll ask clients whether there are any pieces around the house they love but aren’t on display, or they’ll spot gorgeous pieces tucked behind something underwhelming and when these are placed centre stage, they refresh the spaces immediately.

Changing artwork to reinvigorate spaces 

Changing artwork around is a really effective way to introduce fresh inspiration and new colour stories to interior schemes, especially if you find them stored in the garage. Bring your pieces back out centre stage again and perhaps look for different contrast and accent colours in the artwork that will give your space a welcome visual makeover when you select your finishing flourishes. Changing artwork around in the bedrooms is effective too and gives the chance to play with different colour combinations for your finishing touches as well. We guarantee your guests will say, ‘Love your new artwork!’  

Ideal colour proportions for painting the walls

Nothing makes more of an impact than freshly painted walls and if you have time before Christmas to make a change, you’ll be pleased you did. For those unsure about colour proportions, we always share the 60-30-10 rule, which simplifies a tricky concept beautifully. We think colour proportions look best when the base colour of a room is around 60%. Usually people go for neutrals here but of course that’s up to personal preference. The secondary colour comes in at 30% and the accent colour features at 10%. Although that doesn’t sound much, remember the accent colour is the impact player of the three so getting this right is vital. Needing help deciding which way to go? Book an appointment with one of our interior designers. Colour proportions are really important and it’s such a relief to know you’ll have it spot on.  

Thinking about the big picture

The catalyst that Christmas offers might just inspire you to seek out those big décor pieces you’ve been talking of for ages – that new dining suite, or sofa, a coffee table, bedroom suite, armoires or sideboards. Just a reminder – we have all these and more in our online store and you may find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you do see something here that can’t be delivered until the New Year, at least you know you’ve finally found your dream piece that will work well in your home for many seasons to come.

Select your festive décor theme

Creating a fresh festive look will enchant your guests and your family too and picking out a new colour or two gives a home a lift. The Pacifica festive theme always looks fresh and alluring – as the colours of our sea and landscape – but of course the choice is virtually limitless. Once you’ve chosen your colours, selecting the finishing touches for the home and festive table is easy. Clever forward planners often go for new colours that will work long after the Christmas decorations have come down and start the New Year with a fresh new look.  

Creating festive first impressions

Although Santa will arrive down the chimney, your guests will (usually) come through the front door, so make sure your entranceway is inviting. Dress your entry table with scented flowers, a candle and something gorgeous or precious too. Find a lovely big artwork (perhaps this could be your Christmas present if there’s nothing suitable in your collection) to hang above the entry table, or a gorgeous oversized mirror, and remember to light the candle before your guests arrive.  

For a welcoming atmosphere throughout the house, place several vases of flowers about – on the dining table, on a side table in the lounge, as well as the entry table. Fresh or everlasting, you ask? We like to start with fresh flowers for the main festivities, then switch to the everlasting versions to keep that wow factor all year round.   

Festive finishing touches to enjoy all year round

Finishing touches are usually the last things to consider when redecorating and are so important because they really do complete the look. Think exquisite bedspreads and designer cushions, pillows and throws for the bedrooms. In guest bedrooms you can go all out, because these rooms are occupied only occasionally. For bathrooms and ensuites, luxuriously soft bathroom towels, handtowels and facecloths please several senses. Perhaps introduce your festive accent colour in the bathrooms too through those thoughtful finishing touches – candles and flowers.    

This is a good time to stock up on everlasting flowers too. That way you won’t have to dash out to the shops every few days to replace the real ones once their beauty has passed.   

Cushions, often the definitive finishing touches for indoors and outdoors, give pops of accent colour or work in with dominant tones in a space and we have gorgeous statement cushions in every colour way. Sophisticated blues and greens, always favourites with New Zealanders, are trending strongly right now.

Looking for beautiful statement pieces to beautify your home and outdoor living spaces this summer? Our Retail Showroom is full of inspiration and gorgeous things to love. visit our retail showroom.

How to decorate the festive table  

Gathering family and friends around the dining table is the primary focus and source of joy at Christmas time and making a statement with your festive table setting makes the occasion even more memorable.

Starting from the table top and working upwards, gorgeous quality linen is a must; a crisp tablecloth if that’s your style and linen napkins in serviette rings always look sophisticated. Placemats work well too if they complement the look.   

Make sure you have enough of everything – crockery, glasses, cutlery and napkins. With 20 guests for lunch,  having enough of the same is sometimes a big ask. It’s fine to mix styles of crockery but there needs to be a consistent or logical link between your choices, such as colour or pattern.

The pièce de résistance or pièces de résistance, depending on the length of your table are the centrepiece decorations and bold pieces such as candelabras are ideal to form the structure for the look. Then you can decorate your main pieces to suit your theme. Avoid going too high if it means conversation and eye contact across the table will be tricky. Remember less is more, as you complete with candles, decorations, Christmas crackers and vases of flowers, and make sure there’s room for the food!   

If the budget stretches to designer Christmas crackers, all the better, or perhaps the children could create them and fill with personalised gifts. Homemade crackers impress hands down and it’s a great way to keep the children busy and involved in the festive planning.

If your main Christmas meal is an indoor lunch, why not take some table decorations outside for the evening meal so you can enjoy the ambience all over again. Then, at the end of the meal, and with the formal part of the festivities over, it really is time to relax and welcome summer. Enjoy!   

Best of all, enjoy your Christmas, the festivities and the family. From the team