Leather Salve - 170gm

Leather Salve - Howard Products NZ


Size:  170gm


Product Description:

Howard Premium Leather Salve restores the lost suppleness of dehydrated leather, reduces scratches, and helps to preserve leather from future decay. No artificial dyes or chemicals. Safe to use on all types and colours of smooth leather.

Howard Premium Leather Salve is a deep conditioning treatment that keeps leather soft and supple by using only the finest natural waxes and refined oils.

- A deep penetrating conditioner to revive old leather and help protect new leather.

- Premium formula spreads smoothly across any leather surface to reduce scratches and help preserve the leather.

- Rejuvenates leather surfaces using the finest refined oils including purified Lanolin, Neatsfoot, and Coconut oil protects the leather from future decay with beeswax & carnauba wax.

- Easily restores dry leather back to its soft, natural condition.

- Prolongs the life of leather furniture, purses, boots, bags, hats, shoes, gloves, apparel, autos, tack, and saddles.

- A little goes a long way.