Citrus Shield Paste Wax - Neutral

Citrus Shield Paste Wax - Neutral - Howard Products NZ


Size: 312gm


Product Description:

Citrus Shield Premium Natural Paste Wax has always offered a refreshing way to wax wood finishes to a beautiful, protective shine without harsh-smelling solvents. Our unique citrus-based formula combines the power of real orange oil with the finest Brazilian carnauba wax available.

Finished Woods:  Both Citrus Shield Premium Neutral Paste and Premium Colour Paste Wax are excellent for sealing and protecting the finish on all wood finishes, including antiques, furniture, cabinets, panelling and wood floors. they enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain and buff to a brilliant, long-lasting shine.

Unfinished Woods:  Citrus Sheild Premium Paste Waxes are ideal for primitive pine, oak and other unfinished woods. With Citrus Shield Premium Colour Paste Wax, the colour can be rubbed evenly into the wood, toning and highlighting the wood grain, while leaving a brilliant, long-lasting shine.