Meru Tibetan Lamb Skin: Kelp - 60x90

Meru Tibetan Lamb Skin: Kelp - 60x90


Size:  approx. 60 x 90 in cm

Colour:  Kelp

Composition: 100% Natural Hide


Product Description:

Bring a warm and cosy feel to a room with the impossibly soft texture of Tibetan lamb fur. Gorgeously shaggy with a natural curl, this Meru hide adds sumptuous texture and an element of nature to your space.

This dark, smoky green makes a stunning accent for a welcoming and relaxed haven. 

- Dyed Tibetan lamb hide with a soft, shaggy curl


Care Instructions:

- Spot clean with a semi-damp cloth.

- Do not wash as water causes the natural skin to dry out and become brittle.

- Hang in the breeze to the air.

- For extreme soiling or staining, a professional cleaner specializing in natural furs should be consulted. 

- Natural fur products can dry out and become brittle when exposed to direct sunlight or heat. 

- Keep out of the sunlight or UV rays to prevent colour fading, particularly dyed furs.

- Do not place fur hide on underfloor heating, close to the fireplace, or near any other source of heat.

- Avoid placing dyed furs on light-coloured furniture or other surfaces as colour migration can occur.