Staalmeester Brush Series 2023 - Pro Hybrid flat brushes (Size 25)

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Staalmeester have developed the ultimate flat brush using their advanced  ProHybrid filament as the bristle. This brush also features the well balanced and quality beechwood handle coupled with INOX stainless ferrule for rust resistance. Designed to provide an unparalleled smooth finish even with Low VOC paints like Vintro. A great brush to get the optimum result with Vintro paints and lacquers especially when looking for a premium finish with Vintro \No Seal\ Chalk Paint or the premium Vintro Supreme Matt Emulsion or even Extreme lacquers.

The range includes an edging one inch brush for fine detailing, then the one and a half inch brush for smaller items and finally the larger two and three inch provided for large projects and bigger surface areas.