White Marble Decorative Pear - Small

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White Marble Decorative Pear - Small


Dimension:  Approx. Dia.4 x H10 in cm

Colour:  White Marble

Composition:  Marble


Product Description:

A single solid marble pear, or a cluster of 3 is the perfect decorative statement for your kitchen, dining, or living room. Simplistic yet elegant this timeless piece has been hand-carved from a single piece of Makrana White Marble. 

Sourced from one of India's oldest marble quarries, Makrana White Marble is the same marble used in the construction of the Taj Mahal. Due to the nature of the marble colouring and pattern may vary.

Makrana Marble is listed as a Global Heritage Stone Resource by the International Union of Geological Sciences and is mined in Makrana, in India's Northwest, in the Aravalli Range. This is a natural material that will change in appearance with time and use. Imperfections are not considered faults.


Care Instructions:

- Hand wash with warm soapy water. 

- Rinse and dry after cleaning.