Broste Nordic Sea Side Plate

Broste Nordic Sea Side Plate


Dimension:  W150 x H20

Composition:  Stoneware


Product Description:

The Nordic Sea range from Broste Copenhagen is the core and foundation of the Nordic tableware collections.

This selection features a colour scale that captures the shades of the North Sea on a stormy day. It provides clear associations to crashing waves and foamy whitecaps, summing up the unpredictable ways of the northern seas. The unique look of each piece is achieved with a special glaze, which in the firing process develops a distinctive texture and colour. Bring other pieces from the Nordic range to create a ‘collected’ table setting.

- Food-safe


Care Instructions:

- Stoneware can become hot when in use.

- Dishwasher safe at maximum 65 degrees. 

- Microwave safe at maximum 675 watts. 

- Plates and bowls will get cutlery marks and small scratches of usage.