Metallic Concentrate - Indie Gold

Metallic Concentrate - Indie Gold


Size: 30ml


Description:  A two-part system that allows you to mix the perfect amount of Artisan metallics as you need it, providing you with the longest possible shelf life. The Metallic Alchemy system has been sourced, crafted, and developed with the highest quality materials and has been deconstructed to provide you with the absolute freedom to create anything from liquid leaf-like metallics right through to semi-translucent metallics for layering; the options are truly endless. The Illuminator and Metallic Concentrates when mixed together will allow you to create bespoke metallic finishes that are not only visually captivating, with intense luminosity but will also hold a strength within them that makes them durable and highly functional.

Powerful, rich, high-quality metallic concentrates. Beautifully milled and artisanally blended for stunning depth, luminosity & strength and a little goes an extremely long way. Designed to be mixed & locked in with the Artisan Illuminator in varying proportions to create a wide range of stunning artisanal metallic finishes with intense luminosity & strength.


How to mix: 

- For a semi-translucent metallic glaze, mix a small amount of Metallic Concentrate with the Artisan Illuminator to create a runny glaze-like consistency. For a full-strength metallic, add and mix until you achieve a full-body creamy consistency.  

- Shake each concentrate vigorously at least 6 times or more before use, for a light fluffy and powdery consistency and to evenly disperse all the ingredients before use.  

- Simply mix the Metallic concentrate in varying proportions with the Artisan Illuminator to create your perfect Artisan metallic finish that's not only beautifully captivating but also highly functional.  The more Metallic Concentrate you add to your Illuminator, the more dense your metallic will be. 


Indie  Gold:  Is our powerhouse gold. Strong and intense and crafted for those who love strong "gold" a modern version of the classic "gold gilt look".


TIPS:  Some of our favourite Premium Chalk Paint bases to go under Somerset:

- For a Warmer look:  Firefly  

- For a Cooler look:  Clubhouse 

- For a Deeper look:  Carbon Black