Sottobosco White Pillowcase

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Size:  74 x 48 in cm

Composition:  100% Cotton


Product Description:

Reflecting organic textures found in nature, this woven matelasse pillowcases embody a simplistic style with their waffle weave in crisp white cotton. The perfect pillowcases for an effortless and uncomplicated look. These woven matelasse pillowcases are the perfect choice for those seeking a quality heirloom piece. 

Woven from a fine-quality cotton, these medium-weight single-layer pillowcases are breathable and highly absorbent helping you sleep soundly as they naturally ventilate. An investment in your well-being will provide you with many years of restful sleep and luxurious comfort. Bedding made using natural fibres lasts twice as long as man-made fibres meaning you won't need to replace them often.