Olea - Premium Chalk Paint 120ml

Olea - Premium Chalk Paint 120ml - The Artisan Company


Size:  120ml


Description: The Premium Chalk Paint is a multi-purpose, low in VOC, decorative paint with high adhering qualities that allows you to paint directly onto varnished wood, metals, stone, walls, floors and more with little to no preparation.

Superior coverage with a fast dry time. Easily manipulated for an endless range of paint effects for your interior space.

New Zealand made.


Olea:  The olive, known by the botanical name Olea europaea, meaning "European olive", is found traditionally in the Mediterranean Basin but is now cultivated in all parts of the world including NZ. Olea is a beautiful warm earthy olive green. For a more dramatic take place, Olea is in a shaded area or room to bring out the richness and drama in this colour.