Glass and Pewter Jug - Medium

Glass and Pewter Jug -  Medium


Dimensions: W17 x D13 x H22 in cm

Colour: Silver

Composition:  Glass & Pewter which is lead-free and food-safe.


Product Description:

This pewter makes use of traditional techniques; casting most models by hand and finishing with a delicate polishing process. Producing pewter of the highest quality, fitting of a genuine family heirloom. Each piece bears the company’s hallmark stamp that guarantee’s the product composition. A classic glass and pewter water jug holds up to 1.65 litres of liquid

- Made in Thailand


Care Instructions:

- Pewter does not tarnish like silver, however oxidation does occur over time and will change the appearance of the pewter. 

- Wash with hot soapy water and polish frequently with metal cleaner such as Brasso (not silver polish) to maintain shine. 

- It can also be readily engraved by engraving or Laser machine.