Interior design and home staging tips for beautiful warm interiors

April 04, 2018 4 min read

Interior design and home staging tips for beautiful warm interiors

Happy Birthday to us!

Amazing Interiors was born 15 years ago when I noticed an untapped niche for an interior design and home staging consultancy that specialised in sophisticated interiors that were beautifully liveable as well. And I feel so blessed, because ever since I’ve had the most amazing team of people to assist me.  

People ask what our secret is and it’s simply, that we love what we do.  We’ve followed our own path and custom-make much of what we use for our home staging and interior design clients; and that’s how we achieve our special look that people have come to love. 

With home staging, the biggest thrill for me is seeing a job come together, where everything looks sharp and beautiful and the client reaches top price for their home. I love being part of the whole experience – giving the client the energy and inspiration to place their home on the market and help them pull everything together and achieve a successful outcome.

The most heart-warming compliment we receive is when a home is sold and the buyer wants to purchase everything inside it as well. That’s a real tick for Amazing Interiors – when we create beautiful looks that are so alluring, people absolutely must live within them.  

 At the moment we’re loving this quote from the article, Why We Need to Create a Home. It’s the best explanation I’ve found on why our homes are so important to us:

“Home means the place where our soul feels it has found its proper physical container, where, everyday, the objects we live amongst quietly remind us of our most authentic commitments and loves.”  

New season trends in window treatments

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Our needs are different in winter. We want more comfort and nurturing and the best way to achieve these is through clever, often simple décor changes. For example, changing summer linen-look cushions for more plush, luxurious ones and incorporating fabrics such as velvet into your schemes. I love backing cushions with velvet and by simply flipping the cushions, you instantly add a layer of warmth to your winter living spaces.  

With minimalism on the retreat it seems blinds are going that way too. In the home, people are seeking warmth and visual interest; there’s more enthusiasm to enhance spaces with gorgeous fabrics, textures and bespoke window treatments. Concepts of comfort and warmth seemed quaint during the slick age of minimalism but are known to be fundamental for health, wellbeing and living beautifully, especially in winter.     

When selecting new window treatments, it pays to go for timeless quality that looks classic and will future proof your décor. If you’re living in your ‘forever’ home and unlikely to change window treatments for say 10 years, choose a timeless fabric design that you love and will continue to work in your overall scheme as your family grows and your tastes and furnishings change.  For those lusting after curtain fabrics in bold patterns or colours, that’s totally fine, but perhaps keep bolder statement fabrics for the bedroom or feature them in Roman Blinds. 

If you’re planning on selling in the near future, select ‘buyer-friendly’ window treatments, which appeal to a wide audience.  When building or renovating, budget for window treatments early in the planning stages. After all, as the dominant décor feature in any home, window treatments are just as important as kitchens and bathrooms.  

If it’s time for new curtains at your place, there’s usually more to selecting the right fabric than pattern and fabric width. There’s also how the fabric behaves, as different fabrics have different characteristics.

Take pure linen, for example, because this fabric ‘moves’. It stretches and shrinks depending on the amount of moisture in the air and this can be disconcerting for the uninitiated! You’ll want to choose predictable fabrics, especially if they need to work in harmony with linings or sheers.   

Thinking about linings, there’s certainly a lot of choice for different needs, so firstly, consider where your curtains are going and the final effect you’re looking for. For example, polycotton gives a soft fall and allows light to filter through.

If you’d like a double track with a decorative sheer in front and a separate lining behind, then a coloured lining can enhance the effect beautifully. Or, if you need curtains that completely block out the light, you’ll need a blackout lining.

Coloured linings add visual interest to the fabric in front but they can also affect a room’s overall scheme, with colour seepage confusing the effect. Consider too whether your coloured lining will be seen from outdoors. A delicious lining in hot pink might look fabulous in a little girl’s bedroom, but could look strange when viewed from outside!   

These are just a few pointers on window treatments that can make a big difference to the final result. Need to learn more? BOOK A CONSULTATION HERE

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