What is home staging?

September 06, 2018 6 min read

What is home staging?

Home staging is presenting your home for sale, in the most appealing and desirable way possible to the broadest range of potential buyers, in order to achieve the highest possible sell price for the home owner.  This often means employing professional home stagers – who are experienced interior designers and stylists – who will transform your home into a buyer’s dream.

Home staging helps market your property to a wider audience of people and is a vital part of successfully selling any residential property. With careful consideration of placement, colour and accessories your home will stand out from the rest.   

Best home staging tips for a successful property sale

First things first: tidy up to sell up    

Start tidying as soon as you’ve decided to sell your home, because having a tidy property is a major part of a successful home staging and home selling process. If the thought of tidying the whole home at once is daunting, break the project into manageable chunks, say room by room and as you tidy, start packing. Place labelled boxes in the garage or in storage; your spaces will start becoming less cluttered, and you will be half-packed by the time moving day comes.

Banish the little things

We recommend clients remove most small pieces from every room. Lots of little things usually look messy, cluttering your space and they don’t photograph well. Small pieces are often very personal too, and that detracts from the property’s overall appeal to a broader market. Also, it can feel a little unsettling, with strangers passing their eyes over some of your most personal photos and mementoes.

Take yourself out of the picture and de-personalise your living spaces

The more possessions you remove from your home before home staging, the less it will feel like your home, and that helps remove the emotion from the process. Try to look at your home staging like a business transaction and focus on the positive: the price you’ll reach with your sale that can go towards your next home, rather than feeling sad about selling your current one. De-personalising a property also helps increase its appeal to potential buyers – it’s far easier for them to visualise living in home that is decorated in a way that looks and feels more neutral, rather than being surrounded by another family’s photos, and feeling like they are standing in someone else’s home.

If you are a family, it’s often easy to assume another family will buy your home but that may not always be the case. Your buyer could be a couple who loves entertaining and they want the extra bedrooms for extended family when they come to stay. Try not to polarise buyers with the way you live in your home.   

Lighten up your décor look

Many homes we visit for our initial free consultation quite often have a lot of heavy, dark furniture such as leather sofas. These don’t photograph well and beautiful photos of your home are so important to attract the right buyer, before they even step foot on the property. Removing your dark large pieces and replacing them with lighter, fresher furniture suites and occasional pieces makes a dramatic difference to the look of any home, and home owners are usually the first to say how much more sophisticated everything looks.

How professional home stagers work

Deciding the style of your home staging

We’re extremely conscientious and always tailor-make each home stage package to best suit the features of the property. Before deciding on a style, we visit the home and take in the feel, gaining inspiration for what might work best to increase your home’s appeal. We work with you, as the home owner, and also talk with the real estate agent for their feedback and latest residential real estate activity, and who they think is most likely to purchase the property.  It’s important that we have an understanding of who the potential buyers could be, what features of the property to highlight, and bringing that all together with excellent style.

Having a broad range of furniture and accessories is crucial to the success of your home staging. And because we’ve been in the home staging business since its inception in New Zealand, we have an extensive range of furniture in all styles, including gorgeous antique and signature pieces that circulate back in fashion. This gives our home staging projects a depth and beauty that will inspire your buyers, beyond what may be available elsewhere.

We might visit a little brick and tile unit, a cute place with the ‘doily’ look that someone’s gorgeous nanna has lived in for 30 years. Because the new owners might be a young couple buying their first home, the home will need to be completely yet sensitively transformed, and beautifully staged, and we have the range to do that.  

Why choose a professional home stager over doing it yourself?

Home staging is all about getting the best result from the sale of your home, and that’s when it pays to use the experts. You could spend a whole lot of money on furniture that suits your current home in order to stage it, or you could use that money to buy stunning new pieces that are perfect for your new home, while attracting the best possible price for your home, arguably leaving you more money to spend on your new home furnishings.

By simply hiring the perfect furniture and all finishing touches for a limited period of time the return on the sale of your property in all probability will be higher, and home staged properties usually sell in shorter time frames than un-staged homes too. 

Today, people are really well informed about home staging and décor, with so much advice and squillions of reality TV shows around. You can go to large department stores and buy mass produced cheap designer pieces and if you have some talent, perhaps do you own home staging. However, even after your efforts, unfortunately it’s pretty much a certainty that the price that a DIY stager receives for the sale of their home would be lower than if they used a professional.

And it’s not just the furniture, artwork, accessories, bed linen and finishing touches that we provide for home staging – we take away a lot of the stress too. We all know that selling a home is already stressful, so hiring professionals to take care of the job will put your mind at ease that you have given your home the best shot while on the market. You have the experts on hand, with years of expertise and skill that will transform your home, you may even fall back in love with the original charm you saw when you bought it!

The day home stagers arrive to transform your home into that all-important buyers dream, can seem daunting with up to six people coming through in the process of creating a magical result. We say, your home may look messy for half a day, but it will soon look absolutely beautiful. You can leave it in our hands, and your home will undergo a fantastic transformation.

Amazing Interiors was one of the first companies in New Zealand to offer home staging services in 2003, and we’re living proof that home staging works. We have a team of 20 staff dedicated to home staging and we have built up a vast collection of sophisticated, appealing quality furniture, as well as stunning artworks, luxurious bed linens and exceptional accessories that can’t fail to show any home in the best possible light.   

Our team is passionate and experienced to transform your home into a buyers dream.

Once a home has sold, our clients are delighted with the price that was reached, they always say what a relief it was to leave the home staging to the experts. After all, home staging is tried and tested and it totally works. We wouldn’t still be in business if it didn’t and thank goodness, because we absolutely love what we do!

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Amazing Interiors Home Staging Packages

The Full home staging package is the most popular and comprehensive service we offer, including furniture rental for 5 weeks and the option to extend on a weekly basis.

Our Enhancement package uses a combination of the home owners furniture blended with ours to achieve the best result and most appealing atmosphere. There is a home staging package to suit all requirements and budgets.

If you’d like to see for yourself, check out our current array of staged homes.

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We’ll come and view your home and go through the home staging process with you, as well as the easiest way to approach the task. It’s truly not as daunting as you might think – we’ll share our home staging tips with you too and our home staging checklist.

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