Best Home Staging Tips from Amazing Interiors

January 03, 2019 5 min read

Best Home Staging Tips from Amazing Interiors

Home staging plays a vital role in selling any home successfully. Home stagers assist you to present your home beautifully and professionally, so it can be marketed to the widest audience of possible buyers. The level of home staging required varies from client to client and ranges from minimal furniture and design pieces, through to furnishing an entire house.  

Is home staging necessary?

At Amazing Interiors, we say that home staging is essential if you are selling your home and want to achieve the highest possible price. Buyers are becoming more savvy, and are ultimately looking for their dream home. Home staging allows furniture and accessories to be brought in that specifically showcase a home’s best features. Transforming the feeling of being in “someone else’s home” into their dream home, where they can imagine themselves living and calling it their own. You can even go so far as to say it will help them absolutely fall in love with your home and want it as their own. 

Can I home stage my own home?  

We’re often asked whether it’s necessary to use professional home stagers when the home owner has beautiful furniture and a great sense of décor style. In our experience, it isn’t wise for home owners to present their own home for the market. Your home is your haven, possibly where your family’s growing or grown up, where you relax and entertain, surrounded by all the things you love and have collected over time. Home owners generally don’t curate a look with the most appeal to most people and we say, trust the experts.  

Work out the appropriate level of home staging for your home and budget   

To start the process, interior design consultants and stylists will work out with you what level of home staging is required, ranging from just a few furniture and design pieces right through to furnishing an entire house. Most home staging packages are in place for five weeks. For partial home staging projects consultants will advise on what items work and then suggest new pieces that will make a dramatic difference to the overall presentation.

To get the most from home staging, clear the clutter

The next step in the home staging process involves you, as the homeowner; clearing the clutter, inside and out and removing what’s not adding to the experience for the buyer. Less is definitely more in the home staging rule book. Less clutter creates a sense of calm and gives home viewers a better feel of your home’s potential for them, with minimal visual reference to its current owners.    

Depersonalise your home, take you out of the picture

While of course you love all your personal photos and mementoes around you, people attending your open home are there to see whether your house could suit them. Personal effects can be a distraction. The formula that sells houses well is making the house less personal; it’s sophisticated, luxurious, alluring and understands how to welcome would-be buyers.

Quality furniture and finishing touches sell the dream

Home staging is all about selling the dream and home staging furniture, finishing touches, beds and bedding are consistently superior.  Never in your wildest dreams might you spend $3000 on a divine bedspread but if you want to present a luxurious bedroom, that’s the look you need and achieve with home staging. When homeowners enlist our services, they know the Amazing Interiors inventory projects quality. The old saying, you get what you pay for, still rings true and Amazing Interiors home stagers thrive on making sure your home stands out beautifully from the rest.   

Optimum furniture placement makes a big impact  

We love getting comfy at home and arranging furniture in a way that suits us, often with a lived-in, casual look that’s appreciated by you and your visitors. Perhaps your furniture is laid out practically for the way you live but that might not make sense when you’re wanting to present your house for sale. Rearranging or placing furniture for maximum impact to hightlight the home's best features requires skill and interior design experience. You’re selling each room, selling spaces, and everything needs to be placed with a designer’s eye for balance and beauty. Keen to maximise the return on your property? Book an appointment today.

Choosing the best home staging company for the best outcome

It pays to invest in a reputable, established home staging company that carries quality stock to furnish and/or add designer-style finishing touches to your home. Work with a company too that has a great team of stylists, design consultants and support staff, who collectively think of every detail to ensure your home staging project goes smoothly. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look here at some of our stunning, currently staged properties.

In terms of quality, you sure do get what you pay for

It’s wishful thinking, going with the cheapest quote to save money and still hope you’ll reach the maximum possible figure when your homes sells. Here too, the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ applies. Reading between the lines on cheaper quotes, inferior furniture and off-trend finishing touches will most likely be on offer. 

Why Amazing Interiors? 

As one of the first home staging businesses in New Zealand, we set up nearly 16 years ago and are still going strong. We have a team of 20 people, all involved in transforming spaces into alluring living concepts. That’s confirmation in itself that home staging has become an integral part of selling properties successfully. 

Over 16 years we’ve built up an extensive inventory of quality furniture, design pieces, artwork and finishing touches to style homes beautifully. We have extensive knowledge and experience too and combined with our ‘sixth sense’ home staging nous and interior design skills, we’re a leading force in the industry.

We are trend leaders, not followers and we love staying ahead of the trends, and even setting them too. We travel to leading furniture and design fairs around the world, which keeps us ahead of the game with our home staging design concepts. We constantly source special, unique pieces that give any living space the wow factor and have great relationships with our suppliers so we can offer our clients beautiful home staging packages at great prices.  

Here at Amazing Interiors we work closely with real estate agents and homeowners, consulting on how to best present each unique home for sale. We’re proud of our reputation and the depth of our experience and quality inventory to achieve the best results for our clients: home staging concepts that are alluring, stylish and highly covetable. If you’d like to talk to us about the best home staging solution for your home, get in touch with us today.