The Art Of Soft Furnishings - How Many Cushions Are Too Many?

September 09, 2019 3 min read

The Art Of Soft Furnishings - How Many Cushions Are Too Many?

If you look at pictures of beautiful homes, they are always full of gorgeous soft furnishings… especially cushions.

Is there such a thing as too many cushions when styling?

Contrary to what some people think, the art of styling with soft furnishings is more than piling cushions onto your sofas and beds. There is a gentle art to creating a beautiful look.

Luckily, we have assembled our best styling tips for utilising soft furnishings for maximum effect in your home.

The Humble Cushion

It wouldn’t be right to give our best styling tips on soft furnishings without a nod to the humble cushion! It is everyone’s favourite decor accessory, and you really shouldn't underestimate its power. If chosen well, it can change the look of a whole room, breathe life into a tired space, or dress for the season. It is the ultimate quick pick-me-up accessory.

But how do you pick the right ones?

In The Bedroom

When it comes to cushions and pillows on your bed, it is a fine balance between creating a beautiful look and creating a storage issue by filling the bed with pillows that will only need to be taken off to sleep and replaced in the morning.

European pillows (large square ones) work well in place of a bedhead and to add height, then add in your standard pillows, plus a maximum of three cushions to create a layered look. Think about pattern, texture and shape when selecting your cushions. Keep everything within the same colour palette, but vary the patterns and textures. Remember that cushions don’t only need to be squares, you can select rectangular or circle options too.

On The Sofa

In your living spaces, you want to complement the style of your sofa with your cushion choices. Pick out colours from the fabric of the sofa or elsewhere in the room to pull the whole look together. Keep it simple and don’t overcrowd the seats, otherwise where will people sit? Around 3-4 cushions are good for the three-seater, 2-3 for a two-seater and just one for an armchair.

Choose a luxurious filling so they look soft and inviting. Also, don't balance them on their corners as it looks too staged.

Use Soft Furnishings To Add Comfort And Warmth

Soft furnishings don't only include cushions. You can also use, throws, rugs and prints for the wall to add colour and personality to your rooms.

A throw blanket is a great way to add a pop of colour. Draped over the sofa it also adds a layer of style and texture. Plus, it is great for cozy movie nights too! There are lots of ways you can drape it for a casual look, or fold and roll for a more sophisticated feel.

Rugs are a wonderful way to warm up the floor space. You can also define areas in an open plan space with a well placed and well sized rug. Remember that your floor rug should link to your overall design scheme, so choose a colour that matches your palette and a texture that complements your furnishings.

Wall prints are another great way to add a pop of personality to the room. Again, you want to make sure you choose something that fits with your overall design scheme, but prints are definitely a place you can be a bit edgier. Choose geometric patterns, inspirational quotes, swirls of colour, or even images or photos. Frame them so that they are distinct and place them in areas that will grab attention.

Tips For Soft Furnishing

Here are a couple of last tips that will help you nail the look in every room…

Change with the seasons - Brights don’t always seem as appropriate in winter as they do in summer. So feel free to update your decor to match the seasons. By changing a few well placed items, you can transform the look of a room.

Less is more - It is better to build up with a few accessories here and there, rather than fill the room to bursting. A fantastic secret is to style your room and once you are finished, take one thing away to ensure there is no clutter.

Choose a colour scheme - Pick a central colour to work with and then build on it with different shades, patterns and textures. You can then through in a few accents of another colour to create impact.

If you love a beautifully styled home, but don’t have the time, vision or confidence to put it together yourself, then we can help you here at Amazing Interiors. We have a number of different interior design packages to suit any home and any budget. Book a free consultation with us today.