Fabulous outdoor furniture and outdoor décor – now and all year round

January 11, 2018 3 min read

Fabulous outdoor furniture and outdoor décor – now and all year round

It seems this glorious weather will be with us for a while yet, which gives us lovely opportunities to live and dine al fresco with family and friends, while we relax and refresh for the year ahead.  

After a long wet winter and the usual busy lead up to Christmas, many people realise they’ve let their ‘outdoor rooms’ languish; they’re not looking as enticing as they should this time of year.

At Amazing Interiors, we focus on much more than merely the interiors of our client’s homes, because we believe that beauty should be outside as well, and when your home has reached its full potential – inside and out – then you can truly relax.  

Regardless of the style, outdoor spaces should feel like clever and seamless extensions of the home. Get it right and you’ll probably want to set up camp there, all year round. With the right outdoor furniture and accessories teamed with clever and carefully considered placement that is totally achievable.

Considering exterior spaces as ‘outdoor rooms’ is a really effective way to furnish and accessorise successfully. When working with my clients I apply my guiding décor principles – that everything must be practical, comfortable, balanced and beautiful.  

The same principles for interior furniture placement apply outdoors as well: all available space should be used to its full potential and furniture needs to fit the available space comfortably. Often when visiting clients’ homes, we see plenty of opportunities for better furniture placement and with just a little rearranging, a much more pleasing concept could be achieved, with magical results.  

Some designers think outdoor décor schemes should replicate what’s happening inside but we believe choosing an outdoor style is a chance to do something new, the chance to make a gorgeous departure. After all, we want to feel differently outdoors, to have a sense of being worlds away without the travel, jetlag and expense!    

Why not consider your garden and surrounding landscape as the backdrop for your outdoor colour scheme and draw colour accents for cushions, couch fabrics, throws and rugs, etc from the flowers and foliage that’s around you. Décor truth: when a scheme enhances the environment, you simply can’t go wrong. 

As well as stunning outdoor lounge suites and furniture, we have divine accessories and outdoor cushions as well as a vast range of fabric options to create your own unique look, all 100% waterproof, and in the latest colourways. It constantly astounds us how much visual impact even just several cleverly chosen cushions can have. 

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and we look forward to working with you, and transforming your spaces into beautiful living concepts that will enhance your lifestyle.     

Enjoy – and have fun in the sun,


What Carol’s Loving ….

Lately I’m loving working with all the different shades of grey – and there’s way more than 50! Like any other colour but more so, greys take on tints and touches of other shades that give it a complex and mysterious sophistication, which is very satisfying to achieve in any scheme.  A truly natural shade, team greys with warm timber furniture; ultra-modern or exquisite antique pieces work equally well, then bring the entire effect alive with metals, such as burnished pieces, which look especially gorgeous. To complete the look, curtains in soft and textured linen or polyester-linen that looks just like the real thing – look so natural and dreamy.

Making a fabulous entrance for 2018

There’s something very symbolic about an exciting, gorgeous entranceway in a home because it reveals the visual journey and lifestyle of those who live within. We have beautiful base pieces in store – the larger pieces of furniture that will anchor the space –for every  entranceway statement style. From there, it’s simply a matter of decorating to your taste and the space available, for a look that will uplift you and your visitors every time you step inside.