It’s time to ignite the love for your home

February 08, 2019 3 min read

It’s time to ignite the love for your home

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, we believe our homes form the launchpad to our dreams. So it stands to reason then, that every so often we need to show our homes some décor love and design attention, ensuring they look as inspiring and feel as fulfilling as they can.   

Whatever ambience you’re seeking – beautiful and luxurious, intriguing and edgy or anything in between – it’s humbling to see how empowered and delighted our clients become when it’s achieved. They literally light up with love for their own home.    

It’s can be easy to lose inspiration or find it hard to find a style, a piece or a layout that truly sparks joy and love for your home, but we have a few tips that may help you.

Fresh eyes see so much more 

Seeing things with fresh eyes drives every successful interior design project. It’s so easy for homeowners to get stuck in a décor groove but the way out is easy too: invite an outside force of design and décor brilliance to come in and so quickly see the extra layers of décor potential that already exist in your home. A set of fresh eyes sees things differently, they observe how you live in your space and can bring a whole fresh perspective into your home’s style.

Revive the old

Often, interesting design pieces are found tucked away in the shadowy recesses of our homes and when they’re brought out front again, shown some love and integrated with existing pieces or something new, the effect can be astounding. Whether you give something a fresh coat of paint to reinvigorate it, or if you simply rediscover old forgotten items, you are sure to ignite the love for these older design pieces and breathe new life into them in your home.

Keep an eye on design developments  

Keep an eye on design developments that you love. Whether it’s browsing Pinterest or Houzz for inspiration and making a board of your dream inspiration pieces, these will keep you abreast of the latest design developments. Because it’s our business and passion to be up with the play design-wise, we keep an eye on directions and developments within the design world for you in relation to materials, colour, form and function. Then, any influences that you love and resonate with can be brought through in the personal touches that will make your home feel special and unique.   

Make sure your spaces are fit for purpose

Sometimes we live in our homes in a way that works for now, but is not ideal for how we would love to live, or what is most practical for our homes or family’s. When it comes to room layout, make sure comfort and function come into play beautifully with style and design. Make sure all proportions are correct so you’re buying the right sized pieces for the space, and that it works for your family life. We can help take away the guess work here in our design consultations.

It doesn’t always have to be a drastic change

If you’re already happy with your main furniture pieces, you can simply accessorise to bring a fresh touch to any room. Co-ordination with existing pieces and changing things around can bring a totally different feel to a space. If this is where you are, we can help and advise with our Mini Consultation, we can even get busy on the spot and move things around to start realising the vision.

A passionate transformation

Get hands on and start shifting furniture. We call it sweat equity, and we help with this too in our design consults, would you believe it?

Through better furniture placement, rooms and spaces are reconfigured to create more satisfying living concepts that you will fall in love with. Working together we can literally change your world.  

The Amazing Interiors Team loves playing our part in helping transform our clients’ homes. As well as creating and curating design concepts, we are literally hands on helping you in your home to create the home you’ve dreamed of.

Once the big decisions are sorted the fun continues, helping you find and source the finishing touches that bring your décor dreams to life

We can give you one-on-one help, advice and guidance to help you make the best choices with everything from colour, furniture, soft furnishings and customised pieces too in a design consultation.

While the process of helping you ignite the love for your home is enjoyable, the end result is really powerful, and is the reason we love what we do. Because when your home evolves into everything you dreamed it could be, that inspires every other aspect of your life as well.        

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