Home staging my own son’s house

June 06, 2018 4 min read

Home staging my own son’s house

The brief I created to home stage this four bedroom home in Cockle Bay was for an elegant, fresh and liveable look and I think my Amazing Interiors team really delivered. This was a special project for me too – it was the first time since starting the business 15 years ago, that I’ve worked with a close family member.   

The home belonged to my son Brett and his wife Claire for nine years. They brought up their three babies here, but now they’re on the move, shifting to New Plymouth in a few months’ time.  

So for me, this project was exciting and a little sad at the same time. I now truly understand the range of emotions that our clients go through as we work with them to achieve the best sale price possible when they decide to sell their home.  

Before starting on this project we visited Brett and Claire’s house and walked through each room, deciding as we went what to keep and what to place in storage. In this case we kept a few cabinets and then selected just the right pieces from our vast home staging range that would reveal a light, bright, spacious and comfortable family property.  

There was a small room bedroom downstairs that could have been a study but we kept it as a bedroom. My hunch paid off because the family who bought the house loved it, saying it was just perfect for Grannie.    

When we carry out our home staging, we’re often asked what makes the most dramatic difference to the look and feel of a house. We believe it’s beautiful quality couches, exquisitely dressed beds and interesting accessories. We have access to all of these and thanks to our retail showroom in Pakuranga, there’s quality, dreamy bed linen, luxurious bedspreads, comforters and exquisite headboards at our fingertips.

Furniture placement is really important too. Knowing where to place furniture for best effect and flow, and placing gorgeous accessories for eye catching effect really are the perfect blend of science and art.

Vibrant pops of colour, appealing accessories and gorgeous, dramatic mirrors also guarantee our home staging décor schemes are successful. Selecting bold statement pieces is important too. We decide what they will be after we’ve viewed each home, because every home is different.  For Brett and Claire’s house we chose two beautiful hot pink David Shaw chairs for the lounge and I think they really made the difference.

We were really proud of the result here. We think the place looked gorgeous, as do all the properties we home stage! I do wish my son and family weren’t moving south though, but at least we’ve helped them achieve the best outcome from the sale of their most valuable asset, and that’s what it’s all about.    

Brett & Claire share their home staging story 
For as long as I can remember, my Mum Carol has run her home staging business but until now, I hadn’t ever experienced first-hand what the Amazing Interiors design team actually achieves.

We found the process incredibly professional. We left home one morning, returned the next day and the house had been transformed – we were blown away. It looked as though a designer lived there, not a busy family with three young kids, and the attention to detail was amazing.

The overwhelming feeling we had was of pride – showing our friends through, we felt immensely proud.

This wasn’t a new house. It was built in 1965 and the style of home staging that the team chose was just right for the era, using classy, quality furniture that suited the house. We didn’t get the sense they had used whatever was available – everything seemed design-inspired and expensive.

The house sold in three weeks! The final price exceeded our expectations and we know the staging really helped our marketing campaign. In the Property Press and other publications, our house was presented as an impressive, quality home and the sale price reflected that.

We knew we were going to auction but didn’t think the house would sell at auction. Something definitely went in our favour that night – and there’s absolutely no way we would have made that price without using home stagers. 
Thanks so much, Girls!

Eye candy pays dividends
Amazing Interiors’ friend and real estate agent Janet Dickson talks of the success she’s had with our home staging team for the past 15 years. 

Harcourts real estate agent Janet Dickson has enlisted the services of Amazing Interiors Home Stagers to present for the market almost every home she’s sold since Carol started her business in 2003. 

With the conviction of experience, Janet encourages her clients to understand that using a home stager to help sell their property really is a no-brainer. “Basically, it comes down to whether sellers want the best price for their house or not.” 

That’s why, no matter the size or style of home, Janet and her clients work with the Amazing Interiors team. “I use only the best, and Amazing Interiors has the best stock, the best service and most importantly gets the best results for my clients.

“Buyers buy with their eyes”, explains Janet, “and if you can’t give the camera some eye candy, you’re not going to get the best result. With Amazing Interiors, the homes we market always look fantastic. The stock changes regularly, it always looks fresh and the stylists are a dream to work with.”

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