Create Impact In Your Home With Flowers

March 17, 2020 3 min read

Create Impact In Your Home With Flowers

Mother Nature is a pretty clever lady. She nurtures and cares for some of the most beautiful things in the world.

Flowers are one of those very things.

There is just something about an open bloom that sparks happiness and energy the moment you see it.

So, it goes without saying that flowers can be a great asset to the design of your home.

Don’t panic, we aren’t talking about Nana’s bowls of potpourri, but actual gorgeous flowers that complement the whole look and feel of your home.

Let’s explore the best way to incorporate them into your design.

What Flowers Can Add To Your Home

There is no denying that flowers are beautiful. And you can harness that beauty in your home in the following ways…

Add Texture

Texture is an important visual element of interior design. It adds depth, comfort and impact that wouldn’t exist if everything was the same surface type.

There are many different textures that make up a room. Using a range of soft and hard textures adds interest and colour. A powerful finishing tool, textures also add warmth and prevent the design from being too clinical. Rugs and cushions are a traditional way to add texture, but flowers add a more natural textural element that really turn a house into a home.

Create A Focal Point

When designing a room, a great way to make an impact is to have a focal point. That is a place in the room where your eyes are automatically drawn to - the star of the room. This emphasis point can be what you design the rest of the room around or stand alone as a hero.

Flowers are the perfect focal point.

Using beautiful blooms gives a natural and warm feel to a room and gives you infinite options for colour, shape and texture. A calm background will really allow your flowers to shine. Try not to make the design too busy or your blooms will get lost in the confusion. Less is always more when it comes to a well designed room.

Carry Through A Colour Scheme

Colour is a simple way to link the rooms in your home. There are a lot of ways to do this without having to paint all your rooms the same colour. Flowers are a fun way to build your colour scheme. You can make the most of the thousands of natural shades to boost your rooms and keep consistency.

Or, if you really want the blooms to pop, you could go the opposite and create a contrast with an existing colour scheme instead.

Natural And Realistic Without The Green Thumb

It is a special talent to be able to keep a house plant alive, let alone looking green and luscious every day of its life! The great thing about fresh flowers is that you don’t need a green thumb to keep them looking beautiful. In fact, you simply need to change the water in their vase… that’s it!

For those with allergies or those who want a more long term feature, there are some fantastic preserved flowers on the market also. They don’t have to have the tell tale brown edges of a dried flower either. New advancements mean preserved flowers are just as bright and vibrant as their fresh counterparts.

Using Flowers In Your Home Cleverly

Many people would have experienced the use of flowers in design as the garish bunches in your grandparent’s home or the wildflowers at Arty Aunt Marge’s house! But the great news is that they are so much more than that!

Lately, there have been some very modern and contemporary arrangements taking the design industry by storm. If you would love the floral touch in your home but aren’t sure how to pull it off, then we would love to show you these fresh new ideas.

Flowers are a wonderful maintenance free way to bring nature into your space when juggling a busy lifestyle. Get in touch with us here at Amazing Interiors to add a touch of floral to your space today.