Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Personal Sanctuary

July 04, 2018 4 min read

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Personal Sanctuary

Winter means cooler temperatures but the beautiful chance to take sanctuary in our lovely cosy homes.

Creating a gorgeous bedroom retreat is another great way to help you thrive during winter. In fact, we believe creating and enjoying your own personal sanctuary is vital for wellbeing!

Choose your theme

If you’re starting with a blank canvas, say decorating an empty room or building a new house and planning the décor; you have lots of freedom to choose an entire look that you love, whether it be French country, boho, minimalist, cottage or contemporary.

You might want to go really bold with colour, after living in a beige-on-beige world for some time? After all, there’s nothing like embracing colour to help inject a scheme with your own unadulterated personality!

You’re a little more constrained working with an existing scheme. Keep the focus on achieving visual continuity – perhaps through the dominant colour you choose, upcycling furniture with distressed chalk paint finishes, or selecting new curtains with a matching bedspread – and the finished look will be harmonious.

Sometimes, narrowing down the theme however, can be daunting. Decisions are final, after all, and we’ll be committed to a finished ‘look’ for quite some time. Give our interior designers a call if you’re hesitant with some of your choices. Seeking expert advice in the planning stages can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

While our tastes may vary widely, we generally want the same result when we decorate: successful interiors that are warm, welcoming and functional too. In the bedroom, a more personal, sensual ambiance can come into play.

In our last blog we talked about the main features in home staging that achieve great results for the vendor. Pretty much top of our list are beautifully layered beds and at Amazing Interiors, we’ve truly perfected this art form.

Important elements to consider

Our best decorating ideas for bedrooms bring fundamental interior design concepts into play. We keep the focus on creating personal spaces where a sense of sanctuary and relaxation is emphasised, where our sense of ‘doing’ becomes one of simply ‘being’ and the overwhelming feeling is a peaceful one.

Creating a beautiful bedroom can be a little challenging though. It’s where all the essential décor elements need to come together and create that calm and soothing mood, often in quite a small space. That takes skill and planning and here’s our check list of everything we like to consider:

  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Balance
  • Texture
  • Contrast
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Spatial arrangement
  • Artwork
  • Lighting 

Dress a bed from top to bottom

Visually, bedroom styles vary dramatically but the elements usually common to all beautiful bedrooms are a headboard, and if space allows, an ottoman at the foot of the bed to balance the overall effect. We call it dressing the bed from top to toe!

An upholstered headboard always looks soft and luxurious. A headboard can also be a statement piece that’s personal and quirky, for example, a set of antique doors found in an Op Shop. Similarly, a screen – retro or contemporary – painted just the right shade, can set a very cool theme for the room.

A headboard can double as furniture too, and include inbuilt shelving and side tables. A strip of LED lighting cleverly incorporated can provide mood lighting and give enough light to read by as well.

Bedside manners

Beautiful bedside tables or a set of drawers visually anchors the bed and when selecting bedside lamps, we always advise our clients to go big, if they can. Make a dramatic statement and go for something oversized. You’ll never regret it and larger lamps can double as reading lamps too.

Thinking about other pieces of bedroom furniture, if space allows a chaise longe truly sets the scene for a relaxing space. If your look is more contemporary, a couch in modern lines will beckon you home each night and virtually order you sit and chill. Or an occasional chair might just be perfect in the space, and either upholstered to blend with the overall scheme, or provide an opportunity to go wild with pattern and colour.

Our favourite bedroom window treatments

For window treatments in the bedroom, we love curtains, and the dreamier the better. Fabric allows for gorgeous layers of interest and texture, especially double tracked curtains, and softens the overall mood. Then come the finishing touches such as rugs, throws, cushions, accessories and artwork.

Transforming your bedroom into your personal sanctuary this winter will bring warmth and beauty to your life. Focusing on the one room allows ideas to easily fall into place and it doesn’t take long to achieve a new look that brings such a lot of pleasure – and sweeter dreams too!

For initial ideas and inspiration, why not have a look at the headboards and ottomans in our online store

To book a consultation or talk with one of the team about transforming your bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary this winter, contact us today.