March-ing into winter and our top décor trends

March 07, 2018 3 min read

March-ing into winter and our top décor trends

NZs leading national fair for design and décor trends  

Visiting the Autumn Gift & Homeware Fair in Auckland on the weekend, it seemed décor wise that 2018 is a year for comfort and consolidation. There wasn’t really anything flashy or stand-out new. A lot of what was on display felt safe and comforting – and that’s just perfect for winter cocooning which we’ll definitely be doing in a few months’ time.  

Several trends from last year are still carrying through: the moody, rich ambience with darker wood tones and rich dark fabrics brought to life with brass and metal details.  

We saw a lot of natural fibres – linen sheets, duvets, and throws were everywhere. Bohemian inspired décor pieces have carried through as well; think tassels, texture and faux lamb fur which all go so well with rich, dark colours.

Blush pink tones are still trending, as are Art Deco inspired shapes in sofas, chairs plus coffee and side tables, which we also saw a lot of last year. Accessories are looking even more handmade and bespoke, and that links back nicely with the bohemian influence.  

What did make an impression was the presence of maroon in textiles and finishing touches such as everlasting flowers, and it’s a colour we’re seeing popping up in stores right now. This isn’t everybody’s favourite though so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes!  

All in all, there was a sense of grounded glamour to the stories that we saw – a sense of beauty with a tinge of nostalgia that all together, felt embracing.   

What’s trending internationally

Do you ever wonder where the international trends come from that we love to keep track of? Keeping an eye out for the ‘next best things’ and drawing out what resonates for us?

Interior design and décor trends are usually identified by global forecasters who look at what’s happening in society; our everyday experiences, what we enjoy, what we dream of, and our worries too as we navigate life’s challenges. How we decorate our homes and living spaces are a reflection of all these influences.  

Gaining momentum now and likely to become a major trend in 2019  is the ‘more is more’ approach to interior design and interior decorating. Using bold colours generously and bringing in exquisite textures with fabrics,  furniture and objet d’art, these blend cleverly for a wonderfully rich effect.

The move away from pure minimalism, with its often obsessive edge, to one of ‘warm’ or ‘relaxed’ minimalism shows the sharp edges of this pared back look are softening. There’s acceptance again that it’s natural for people to gather things around us.

Favoured materials have an eco-focus and have usually been around since time began. Think marble and stone with surfaces displaying beautiful patina – those signs of love and wear from down the ages.   

There’s a focus on quality too, not only because it simply looks superior but as a reaction against mass production. And around interior design concepts and manufacture in general, support for conscious sustainability has become even more important.   

Placement really does matter

The key to successful interior design is ensuring that furniture is placed correctly for the room and in the right place.  

You can have the most amazing furniture but if it’s not placed well in relation to other pieces and the shape of the room, chances are things aren’t going to look right.  

When working with a tricky room I draw up a floor plan or a space plan and then dot out the walking spaces. This helps reveal the obvious areas where significant furniture pieces need to go.  

Selecting the right style of furniture for the shape of the space is important too. For example, if your room is symmetrical, this lends itself to a formal arrangement where two sofas look ideal facing each other, rather than selecting a corner suite which usually works better in casual spaces.  

Or perhaps you have a room that simply isn’t working, no matter how you rearrange things? It may be that the furniture you have is never going to fit the shape of the room. As we head into winter, we need to think about the layout of our living spaces for maximum pleasure and comfort and our bedrooms too, to ensure design, décor and layout are as beautiful and logical as they can be.

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