The first things that come to mind when making our homes more appealing are lighting, lamps and chandeliers. During winter, rooms can be dark and it makes such a difference arriving home to the soft warm glow of a gorgeous lamp, or two. The effect, welcoming and nurturing, takes away that dreary look. Even in summer, some corners remain dark and any lighting that creates more ambience is such a welcome thing.

Having lamps at varying heights in a room creates interest, so consider the styles that would best suit your room design requirements. Standard lamps are ideal for dark corners but depending on your furniture placement, table lamps can work just as well, on shelves or dressers. The new energy saving light bulbs available allow us to leave our lamps on for longer now, which feels luxurious in itself.


Having beautiful bedrooms is vital and a beautifully dressed bed is pivotal to the entire look. Winter decorating ideas are all about layering and that certainly applies to the bed. Layer yours with gorgeous nurturing fabrics and textures through your choice of duvet cover, bedspread, pillow cases, throws or comforters, and don’t forget those dreamy statement cushions!

Beautiful bed linen – winter and summer – is one of life’s joys. Perhaps your bed linen indulgence is 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets? Or linen sheets with their soft, light crushed effect, which are just perfect for a shabby chic look or an ultra-contemporary one? Another of life’s ultimate bedding luxuries has to be feather-down duvet inners – they’re sublime to sleep under and fluff up beautifully, especially when aired regularly in the sun. Available in all season-weights, you can enjoy their luxury all year round.

Of course stunning bedrooms need gorgeous lighting, with the perfect lamp or chandelier providing the ultimate finishing statement for a luxurious ambience. Come and see our gorgeous bedroom décor stories on display and talk with one of our interior designers. We have divine fitted linen and duvet sets on special, as well as heavenly finishing touches for all alluring beds.


It’s tempting to cocoon in the bedroom through the cooler months and neglect the rest of the house but often a quick décor face lift is all that’s required. Bringing home a few new cushions is one of the most effective and cost effective ways to welcome some décor excitement into your life.

Cushions are so beautiful and unique these days and have even been elevated to artwork status with some available as artists’ limited editions. You can be really clever and cover your cushions in different fabrics either side, which makes seasonal decorating so easy: a gorgeous plush velvet for example on one side, and a fresh-textured linen for summer on the other.

If you’re adding new cushions to an existing winter décor scheme, perhaps select a deeper, richer shade from a painting or object in the room, and in a beautiful winter textured fabric such as velvet. For example adding plum tones to a red scheme and in summer removing those punchy colours and going for softer tones such as peaches and pinks.

Or look to the new season colour trends and select a tone that appeals and ties in with the existing mood of the room. Come summer time, simply whip your winter-styled cushions away, or flip them over.


Are your window treatments letting you down? You may have recently installed roller blinds and are finding the effect a little dull? Blinds certainly don’t give a room the elegance that drapes do. Simply by adding curtains on both sides of the blinds, the effect is instantly more soft and appealing. More depth and texture can be added to a room too by adding a lovely sheer over the blinds.

We have a full and fabulous range of curtain fabrics to choose from. Just to mention a couple of options; pure linens or linen-look curtains offer exquisite textures and graceful draping, and florals have made a comeback! I’ve just hung new floral curtains in my study at home and they’ve made such a difference. Want to bring more beauty into your home? Get in touch soon or book a consultation.


There’s nothing like a gorgeous comfy couch and if it could talk it would likely say, ‘Come to me and completely relax!’ We have nearly every style and size on display in the showroom and for further inspiration we’ve featured them as part of complete ‘rooms’.

At Amazing Interiors we prefer to upholster couches in neutral colours for our timeless and fresh signature look and then bring in those essential pops of colour with gorgeous cushions. But of course for our clients wanting something more bold we can advise on the best way to bring the look together and achieve your own timeless and colourful signature scheme. Whatever their colour, beautiful couches need ottomans and we have exquisite ones here at present, in the most beautiful shades.


Is Christmas lunch at your home this year and the dining table and chairs are looking a little scruffy? Perhaps it’s because a dining suite is such an important, functional piece in our home, that we often keep them longer than we should? Unless they have sentimental value or are priceless antiques, and you’ve had yours awhile, chances are an update’s required. A trend coming through is for more colourful dining tables, but as with everything design and décor, it’s whatever suits your taste and style.

Again, we have all styles and sizes of dining tables and chairs for you to view and we custom make too for those who prefer a bespoke look. Choosing a new table is an important decision and the hunt can be daunting so remember our shopping service, where we shop with you. Our experienced, intuitive interior designer/stylists are sure to know which stores will have what you’ll love.


Now’s the perfect time to consider how you’ll furnish and style your outdoor spaces if you want to be truly organised for Christmas. That way you’ll avoid the mad September to December rush and be ready to welcome the warm weather as soon as it arrives.

Outdoor furniture are the hero pieces for any outdoor scheme. Don't forget your outdoor cushions – they do more than bring an outdoor scheme alive. They complement the interior scheme and be enjoyed from inside the home too!

Amazing Interiors’ home stylist manager Nora Ngau Chun shares her home staging tips that make your house gorgeous in summer and winter, whether you’re selling or staying:

If your home needs the ultimate home staging solution, or if you'd like your own personal in-home design consultation, get in touch with us, we'd love to help you.