Bolleke Grey Spherical Hanging Lamp

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Dimensions:  ø200mm | 1000mm Hanging Loop

Composition: Inner: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

                       Outer: High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), Silicone Rubber Loop

Country of Origin:  Designed in the Netherlands, Manufactured in China

Outdoor Safe: IP55 (Splashproof)


Product Description:

Fatboy’s Bolleke is a fun cordless, rechargeable, and portable lamp that’s the epitome of style and functionality with three brightness settings. Very simple, user friendly, and extremely practical with a wonderful range of colours. This globe lamp perfectly creates ambiance for your setting.

Bolleke Spherical Lamp portable rechargeable hanging lamp by Fatboy ® is the ultimate mood maker. It ramps up the ambience wherever you use it. Hang it on a cord or hook, on a tree, or even under your umbrella/parasol. Make good use of it inside perhaps under a stair rail or anywhere you can think to loop it. Fatboy® products are grand, durable, iconic and indispensable in both looks and functionality.

Designed by Nathalie Schellekens (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) for Fatboy®. These are timeless and iconic, as well as super-practical so that you can use them every day. 

The light functions with soft rubber silicone buttons that are subtly integrated into the overall design, matching the colour of the loop. The Bolleke has 3 brightness settings 35%, 67.5% and 100%.  It will provide up to 24 hours of wireless lighting (lowest setting) before you simply recharge it to start all over again. It features pass-through charging, meaning the light can be connected to a power source while in use.

Cleaning Instructions:
Wipe clean using a soft damp cloth and a little liquid soap. Do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene or abrasive substances. Never open the lamp when cleaning.

Important User Information:
This product comes with a charging cable, but without an adapter. The charging cable has an USB connection. Use the adapter of your mobile phone, or connect the USB cable to your computer. Adapter max. 5 Volts 2 Amp. If you charge your product with an adapter that does not meet these conditions, this may affect the delivery time of the battery.


- Light Source Type:  Light Emitting Diode (LED)

- Light Settings:  3 Light Settings (35%, 67.5%, 100%)

- Switch Style:  Touch Control

- Light Colour:  2700K (Warm White)

- Power Source:  Battery Powered

- Voltage:  3.7 Volts

- Watts:  1W

- Batteries:  1 Lithium Polymer battery required 1600mAh (Included)

- Charging Time:  About 3 hours

- Included Components:  Bolleke Hanging Lamp, 1.5m USB Charging Cable